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Displaced community due to natural disasters

Jean and his family live in a 50m² home in Port-au Prince, Haiti.

We have all seen the news stories. A hurricane can come through and disrupt a whole society, an earthquake can flatten an entire city, fire drives people out of their homes. How do you begin to rebuild after the danger has passed?

Ideally, people will have access to a habi-nex home. Since most people return to the site of their original home, repairing or rebuilding their homes in the same manner is not the best decision. There is always the threat of the next storm destroying your home again.

A habi-nex home can be built quickly and withstand extreme weather conditions. Sitework is minimized due to the adjustable legs. With the habi-nex system, the cycle of destruction and reconstruction can end.

Habi-nex homes are specifically designed to help people in vulnerable communities. They are made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and therefore durable and easy to build. They have the versatility to be both a permanent or a temporary structure. This makes them very suitable as a community building or a private home.

Habi-nex provides dignified housing in areas where it is badly needed. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

  • Habi-nex homes has a dual mission.
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