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Return safely to a dignified home

Naya and her family live in a 50m² home in Zaatari, Jordan.

Leaving everything behind due to conflict or natural disaster is a massive upheaval. A safe place to live, even if it is temporary, is a basic need for everyone who has fled their own home and needs a 'home' to return to. Especially when your original home is no longer there.

After the natural disaster has passed or the conflict has ended, returning often means: rebuilding. Habi-nex offers people in this situation a dignified home. Through compassionate design and architecture, we can drastically improve vulnerable communities’ quality of life.

Instead of being overcrowded in tents or small one-room units, people in a habi-nex home have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a veranda, a kitchen and living space. At the same time, this solution is affordable, mobile, and easy to assemble by people without extensive construction knowledge and experience.

A habi-nex home offers people in unsafe conditions or those who have returned to their home; a stable base to rebuild their lives. Although the homes are fully flexible and very suitable for temporary habitation, they are very durable and can last for decades. They are designed to withstand severe weather conditions and are already earthquake resistant. Over time, occupants can expand (or reduce) their home to suit their current needs.

Habi-nex homes are specifically designed to help people in vulnerable communities. They are made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and therefore durable and easy to build. They have the versatility to be both a permanent or a temporary structure. This makes them very suitable as a community building or a private home.

Habi-nex provides dignified housing in areas where it is badly needed. Contact us to discover the possibilities.

  • Habi-nex homes has a dual mission.
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