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A private place to relax

Tim and Susan live in a 50m² home in the Laren woods, the Netherlands.

As soon as the door closes behind you, you feel: “I am home”. Goodbye hectic day, hello holiday weekend. You escape the daily routine in a habi-nex home, whether all alone or with the whole family this is your home away from home.

Whether you place your habi-nex home in a recreation community or on private woodland, whether you prefer a rustic retreat or a glamorous oasis; the house adapts to your needs.

The houses have a modular structure, which means that you can start as small or as large as you want - and change it later to suit your needs. Bring in nature with extra-large windows, choose an open plan cabin or multiple private bedrooms, live completely off grid or be grid connected. In any case, a habi-nex home is made of sustainable materials and is designed to fit well in rural or urban settings.

Habi-nex homes are built for longevity and can be easily moved or expanded. A sustainable, compact recreation house that is fully equipped.

Curious about habi-nex? Contact us to discover the possibilities.

  • Recreation House
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