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Easy living without sacrificing luxury

Ella and Ruben live in a 50m² home in Ghent, Belgium.

As you get older, your needs change. You may want to downsize, move closer to the children, or require special accommodation due to limited mobility. Habi-nex answers these concerns. Why stay in a big house if you can live just as comfortably in a smaller space?

Whether you want to live in the countryside or in the city, completely independently or within a community of like-minded people, a habi-nex home can be fully adapted to your needs.

The houses have a modular structure, which means that you can start as small or as large as you like - and still maintain the flexibility to change later as your needs change. Opt for larger windows and extra-wide doors, get integrated medical applications in the home, a spare room for the grandchildren or built-in storage space. Anything is possible.

Habi-nex homes are made of sustainable materials and built for long life. A good, affordable solution for individuals who want to maintain their independence and want a little more comfort in their lives.

Curious about habi-nex? Contact us to discover the possibilities.

  • Senior Housing
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