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High quality lifestyle with a small footprint

The Hagsmans family lives in a 50m² home in Vleuten, the Netherlands.

Wake up with the sun on your face. Step outside and drink your coffee with nature all around you. Peace and space surround you. No wonder more and more people are choosing to live with a smaller footprint.

A habi-nex home has all the comforts of a modern home, is made of sustainable materials and designed in such a way that it comes into its own in both urban and rural settings. Whether you want to go completely off grid, or want to live in a community with other tiny-home residents. Hab-nex homes adapt to your needs.

The houses have a modular structure, which means that you can start as small or as large as you want - and adjust at a later date. Choose large windows or extra-wide doors, luxury finishes or bio-based materials, fully off grid or grid connected.

Habi-nex homes are built for longevity and can be moved or expanded as your needs change. A sustainable solution for those who want to live their own way.

Curious about habi-nex? Contact us to discover the possibilities.

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